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First Signs of Spring & Marché Bastille

First signs of spring, Bastille, Paris 03/06/2011

Marché Bastille
11th Arrondisement
Metro: Bastille
Thursday 7am-2:30pm, Sunday 7am-3pm

Ahhh spring 🙂  Welcome.  Winter always seems exceedingly long, while summer feels far to short.  In Paris, winter is cold and rainy, the sun barely making its short appearances every few weeks – like I said, very long winters.  What was so great about this week, however, is that after weeks of cloudy, sunless days, on March 1st the sun made its debut and has stayed all week.  The temperature has been slowly rising into the 50s (and hopefully soon into the 60s) and the city streets have become even more lively.

One of my favorite things about Paris, and France in general, really, is the open markets.  France is very pro fresh, quality foods and even more pro locally grown products.  All year round (winter included) you can find an outdoor market in each neighborhood in a variety of sizes all containing countless vegetables, fruits, cheeses, meats, fish, poultry, eggs, flowers, herbs , clothing, and the list goes on. ( http://equipement.paris.fr/?tid=289)

Last summer/fall I frequented the weekly market in my neighborhood, Bastille, for seasonal fruits and veggies, and eggs (gotta love local farm eggs!).  As the cold came in, I have only been a few times since October/November when my mom and my cousin came to visit.

Bastille Market Oct/Nov. 2010 - Photo credit my cousin, Michelle

However, today was the first market in March and the sun was out so Julien and I were excited to go this morning.

Parisian markets have two great things: quality and prices.  Today we bought a ton of stuff and only spent 30 euros.  On our list today:


Tonight for dinner I am making those amazing looking artichokes and using those plump mushrooms to make a sauce for our steak tournedos we bought yesterday.  If you’re lucky,  you might get a peek 🙂   …maybe  😛

Check near you for your own local markets!  Yes, they do exists in the States, you just have to search 🙂

As always,

Bon Ap!